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Today, self-expression is not only about showing our individuality through the clothes we wear and how we look but also by what we do online - with many of us using new media to share our views and beliefs. How can people create their digital identities and express themselves while keeping their unique personality safe online?
According to recent Kaspersky research, 37% of millennials think that they are too boring to ever be the victim of cybercrime. However, analysis of several Darknet markets by Kaspersky experts shows that our data can be valuable not only for us but also for cybercriminals. Thus, among the most prized and desired data sold on these markets are selfies that are shared with documents, such as passports or drivers’ licenses (worth up to $40-60), medical records (up to $30), credit card details (up to $20), PayPal accounts (up to $500), and full ID information (up to $10). This information can be used for various malicious purposes, from using peoples’ data to receive money, to blackmailing them.
By creating this collection KRAKATAU in collaboration with KASPERSKY want to talk about privacy and safety in a way that it can relate to fashion and simply explain how your self-expression can remain independent and protected.


The internet and online services give us vast opportunities to share our views and connect with people around the world, and we need to make sure it is a safe place to express ourselves. Today, being an individual means being brave and bold with your opinions and the task of safely expressing ourselves becomes a non-trivial one. Kaspersky is committed to protecting people’s unique data and aims to create opportunities so people can express themselves safely.
The exclusive collection designed by KRAKATAU in collaboration with KASPERSKY invites you to create a garment that shows off your unique personality and reveals how ready you are to protect your privacy. The clothing items are based on a person’s digital imprint. By simply answering a few questions from a special chat bot about your online behavior and privacy habits, you will receive your very own unique print. The print is crafted from unique algorithms that analyze users’ privacy concerns. The more a person is concerned about their privacy – the more complex or the more harmonious a print will be.

Expressing individuality has always been important for people and today we have a lot more opportunities to do it digitally. We see how people can create a positive change in the world by sharing their stories and what they stand for. But it’s also important that our self-expression should also be safe as each one of us is unique and the data we share online is of exceptional value, making it crucial for us all to know how to protect it.


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